10 Fashion Trends To Kiss Goodbye To This Valentine’s Day!

While I’m glad there are caring kisses being stolen all around the world today, I have some unfortunate news. It’s time to blow a goodbye kiss to unflattering and overdone fashion trends, this Valentine’s day. I’m all for jumping on the newest trends in fashion, especially when your favourite celebrities and bloggers are rocking them.… Continue reading 10 Fashion Trends To Kiss Goodbye To This Valentine’s Day!

Get The Look

“The first trick behind this look is a good non-greasy moisturizer. Next, the master strobing cream from Maybelline adds a luminous glow to your face without the shimmer,” says Vidya. She adds that you can wear it alone, mix it with your primer or even use it over your foundation to add some glow to… Continue reading Get The Look

Here Comes the Haute Stepper

From strategic cut-outs, to blurred androgynous looks, to couture accessories matched with ready to wear, we think this season’s box of trends is the most fun muse we’ve had to play with in a long while.    The New Androgyny There’s a really interesting new take on androgyny that’s sweeping through ready-to-wear fashion, that might… Continue reading Here Comes the Haute Stepper